New Digs — a photo tour.

As most of you are familiar with, we moved from a beautiful home in Maryland that we had recently remodeled. Now we’ve moved into a beautiful home in Florida, but it’s not recently remodeled (well, except for the pool — more on that later!). Here are some shots of the house very soon after moving in. It is wonderfully “live-able” but also has plenty of future projects for us to dream about. Good thing I’m married to such a handy man!

Here is the view from the front; we’ve already pulled the picket fencing. The front yard is much larger than the fence encompasses and it chopped up the yard, also making cutting the grass within the fence possible only by push mower. It looks much more “open” now with it out. 

front of house, before fence takeout










Here is the side view; it’s what you see as you pull up the driveway. We love the palm trees!

front of house, from driveway

This is the great room — a family room/kitchen combo. We are getting used to the commotion and noise level produced by sound bouncing off high ceilings and wood floors and an open floor plan.

And with our family, there are plenty of sounds bouncing!

We have plans to update the lighting, and “quiet” the backsplash. It’s a tad busy for our taste. We eat many meals at the table in the kitchen and need to get a table for our dining room so we can have more dinners together in there.

family room to kitchen view                                                 

Another shot from the family room to the kitchen. It’s fun being able to observe most of the kids’ interactions while I am busy in the kitchen — a room I spend much of my time!

kitchen and family room combo











These are a couple more angles of the great room. The kids’ bedrooms are upstairs, where you see the balcony railings. It’s so convenient to just call up my orders and instruction to the kids! There is a boys’ room and a girls’ room and a bathroom for them to share. Oh, and what a terrific ledge is in the family room — perfect for housing Ken’s carved decoy collection!

 kitchen to family room.jpg 2 family room, view coming in from lanaikitchen to family room

I’m still playing “musical furniture” with the place. I am so thankful that most of the furniture we brought with us is fitting quite nicely. I’ve listed a few pieces on Craigslist and found a few as well. I’ve even been able to “barter” some of my pieces for some of my sister-in-law’s pieces! It’s been quite handy!

And now for the fun part — the pool! Wow, what a blessing this has been. Sometimes it’s still hard to believe we are able to enjoy such a luxury daily, right in the backyard! There is a lovely hot tup that spills into the pool. We’ve even been sitting in the tub while a rainbow arched over the side yard. Just beautiful! This pool was put in less than a year ago and was well-designed..pool

Dean gives it a thumbs up! This is the view from the lanai. You’ll notice the barn in the background. We hope to pull it down sometime and relocate it because we have a great big backyard to view but the barn blocks it.view from lanai to pool

The lanai has a lot of space to work with. Thinking a ping pong table may find it’s way here eventually! 🙂

lanai, continued









The lanai has some really cool screen panels that push all the way open or can be fully closed. This is the view from the pool area.view from pool to lanai

Finally, the front porch. We briefly discussed how taking the railings down could give it even a more spacious feel. So one rainy Sunday afternoon, Ken just hacked right into those old railings. We do love the way it looks. We have columns to work on but it’s just fine for now. 

porch railing takeout

As I said, we’ve got plenty to enjoy and plenty to work on in the future. I’ll keep you posted as we make updates around the place and give you more detail on each room. I’ve already been picking out paint!

–Beth 🙂


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