An Afternoon Treat.

We’d had a busy week. It was Friday and we all felt like having a little fun. And a treat! We had been hearing about a great ice cream place called Jeremiah’s – Italian ice, to be exact. So the kids and I headed over there in the afternoon, since Ken had a work appointment and would be a little late. We took our nephew, Jonathan. Since he is a regular there, he helped us know what was most tasty. We each ordered at the window, and then sat at a table with an umbrella – it was a hot afternoon, and our gelati (Italian ice layered with soft serve ice cream) was such a treat! If you ever have the chance to get an ice cream, Italian ice, or gelati at Jeremiah’s, take the opportunity. You won’t be sorry! Our crowd ordered chocolate ice cream, sour apple Italian ice, sour apple gelati, strawberry lemon gelati, and cotton candy gelati. I would recommend them all (well, the sour apple Italian ice wasn’t my favorite). I sampled every variety. 🙂


at jeremiah's 1

It cracks me up that Dean couldn’t take the time to look up from his ice cream while the picture was being taken!





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