Rocking ‘Riss.

We love our front porch rockers. Nothing like sitting in them with a mug of coffee, the ceiling fan on and the local tree frogs serenading. Rain or shine, it’s a nice place to be.

I’ve mentioned it previously: even before we moved our bodies into our new home, my dad had picked some rocking chairs out of the trash at the end of a neighbor’s driveway. What a treasure! He not only hauled them over to our new porch, but he put in his own sweat and time to paint them!

I casually mentioned I like the idea of black chairs. He gently informed me he wanted white chairs. They were his, after all. They’re just on loan to us while he’s not here. When he visits, they’ll be his. But I’m sure he’ll share.

In the meantime, Riss is keeping them from “rusting up”. And she’d love it if Grandad were here, rocking right next to her!

rocking riss

–Beth 🙂

P.S. I fessed up to the neighbor that it was we who took the chairs. She said she figured someone would take them, which is why she put them out. She had intended to refinish them herself, but got overwhelmed by other projects so she decided to abandon the idea. I know the feeling!

2 thoughts on “Rocking ‘Riss.

  1. Glad you have them.  Sounds like a wonderful find.  Riss looks great in them too. I know your Dad will be there as soon as he can!  ( I talked to him after they returned from their month long trip) Do you also have a porch swing for that lovely porch?  Take care & I pray you and Ken will be able sit in those rockers & enjoy them as well soon.  I know you have been swamped!♡ Love Mickey

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    • A swing would be a wonderful addition to the porch! Someday…maybe another neighbor will put one out in their trash! 😉 The porch is large with lots of potential but it will evolve over time. Look forward to rocking with you soon! Love you!

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