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Hey there! I’m Beth — just casually sitting on a bench with my cute little dog, Bear. It’s a rare photo of our clean foyer, my hair styled and no kids running by! Speaking of kids, we have 5, and it’s hard to believe a couple of them have graduated highschool! They all live at home and are in various stages of college, career-training, highschool and middle school. We’ve homeschooled for years and have zero regrets! We made a big move to Florida from Maryland over 6 years ago and it’s been bumpy, but full of blessings. I orignally started this blog to keep our family and friends informed on what we were up to down here, but my good intentions fell by the wayside. I didn’t do so well with keeping up on it (as you’ll notice from the archives). By now we are in our 3rd home in Florida and it’s a big “fixer upper”, so I figured I’d start chronicling our renovation journey, projects, and general happenings around the place! I have a passion for all things home-making and my husband, Ken, is a licensed general contractor and small business owner. You could say he’s the brain and I’m the hair-brained! Whatever you want to call us, we make a pretty good team of making every house we have lived in a beautiful home for our family and for the next owners. We are never sure how long we’ll live in each house, but as Ecclesiastes says, “There is a time for everything, a season for every activity . . .” Sometimes the “season” will be pretty. Sometimes it may not be. But along the way, we’rechoosing to love each other, love others and most importantly, love our God — whatever season we’re in the midst of, literally and figuratively. And whatever season you’re in, you’re always welcome here!

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  1. Thanks for following my blog , you will really enjoy the blogging community – it’s loads of fun for the most part. Your family is beautiful and if you’re with God, you’re always “home”. 🙂

    1. Wow! What a sweet welcome! I enjoyed reading on your blog — such a humorous way of writing. I’m a fledgling, but have enjoyed my blogging journey so far. And you’re right, God is always with us! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! They’re all keeping me busy, and I haven’t made the time to write in so long! I miss it. 🙂 Thanks for your lovely comment, and I wish you all the best with your company. I love your clothes and your principles!

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