From here on out.

Well, I have spent many late nights trying to email, re-send and then email again . . . with only about a 50% success rate. I have discovered that a certain number of my intended recipients are not receiving said emails due to the attached photos. I narrowed it down to only 5 photos per email and they’re *still* not going through! Ugh. So, I’m resorting to posting photos here on the blog instead of trying to bulk email friends and family. I just don’t care for the thought of some getting the emails and some bouncing back — and I don’t know who it’s bouncing back from! It’s taking quite a lot of brain power on my end to keep trying to make sure this group or that loved one hears from me, so going forward you’ll find updates and photos here. Check back often or, better yet, click the “follow” button so you don’t miss a post or picture! Thanks for your patience while we’ve been sorting these technology issues out — it’s definitely not my strong suit! For now, feast your eyes on this — I have 3 of these bushes right in front of our garage. They’re just beautiful and I get to enjoy it every time we pull up to the house.                             — Beth 🙂


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